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Library Thing February 3, 2009

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Nah, not for me, this one I’m afraid.  I do read alot (an awful lot!) but I can’t do with reviewing books, pulling them to pieces and putting them back together again.  If I like it, I like it and I don’t want to have to think about why I like it – I just accept that I do.

I don’t see the point in cataloguing my books either.  I have a book shelf for that.  A bookshelf that I can look at much easier than I can any database.  OK maybe not if I am away from home but then I have never been in such a rush to see what books I possess that it can’t wait till I get home.  After all, if I needed to know something about the book so badly I would probably have to thumb through it anyway to make sure it was the right one/said what I thought it said, etc.


But then again, there was a link through to ReadIt, SwapIt – now there’s a site I could use.  I have dozens of books that I know I won’t read again that I would happily swap with someone for something better.  And it’s free!!!! (apart from postage and packing!). A bit of an online Stringers-meets-Ebay, but less complicated.  Brilliant idea!  Why didn’t I think to look for something like that before?  I am still back to cataloguing but at least there is a purpose to it now.  I am a happy bunny.


3 Responses to “Library Thing”

  1. Bryony Says:

    Have you tried bookcrossing.com? It’s an interesting way of passing books on… 🙂

  2. desimeleon Says:

    Ooo Thanks for that link Bryony with around 2500 books in the house (a very rough count up when i fist logged into library Thing) this could be usefull

  3. […] February 4, 2009 by desimeleon This is a comment on one of the other 25Thingers blog – jubaru – […]

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