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Social Networking February 1, 2009

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I love Facebook.  I have been on it for a few months now and have now become addicted.  It started when I created a new group – just to see what happened and left it alone for a while.  The next time I looked I had 44 members!  There are now 53.

Facebook is a fab way to keep up with friends that you don’t see very often.  You get to find out what they are up to, where they have been through photos etc.  You can also do compatibility tests, send each other virtual gifts and make little comments on their status.

I have been lucky enough to find two old school friends that I had lost touch with and now love to see what they are up to.

Just joined Twitter tonight and I am unconvinced at the moment.  I definately prefer Facebook because there is more of interest to me but Twitter could be handy as a quick catch up.  Unfortunately none of my friends other than those doing 25 things are on Twitter so it is not too good for me just yet – but we’ll see …


One Response to “Social Networking”

  1. Bryony Says:

    You mean you don’t want to follow William Shatner’s Tweets? And all the other famous people listed in the BBC news website article (see my blog post ;D)?

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