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Just Del.icio.us December 1, 2008

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Now this is one I REALLY like  :o))  How have I survived without it?  How many times have I sat at work and wanted to access a website that I have bookmarked at home and can’t remember the name?  Too many to count. Very handy for people as forgetful as me.

I like the way bookmarks can be organised by tagging too.  I have lots of bookmarks at home that are not in any particular folder because I know I would spend ages looking in the wrong folders.  You can have as many tags as you like on one website and whichever tag you look under you should find the one you want.

It could be really handy on the help desk.  There are loads of IE icons on the desktop, tabs and also bookmarks in IE all going to different sources of information.  We could tidy it all up and put it on delicious.  Just need to find the time to do it now :o(