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Flickr photo album November 20, 2008

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OK I get this bit of Flickr.  Uploading photos so that everyone (or whoever you want) can look at them.   You never know I might even use it in ‘real’ life  :o))

I have chosen photos of my beloved Ziggy to go on Flickr.  I have had him for just over a month now so it is still ‘new love’ between us.  I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind the new man in my life.  :o))

Shes in there somewhere - can you see her?

Here is a photo of a shopping expedition a couple of Saturdays ago.  We went to a homewares closing down sale and as I am doing up my living room at the moment I went a bit over the top.  We had THREE (yes three) shopping trolleys full of stuff – curtains, tables, cushions, pictures, pans … to fit in one Mini with 4 large women.  Not an easy feat!  Laugh?  I’ll say we did.  There was a man watching us absolutely gob-smacked – he kept saying “You’ll never fit it all in, you will have to make another trip”.

Well really!  When will men learn that that kind of comment just makes us more determined???  It all fitted in with one trip and nobody catching the bus home.  I don’t know what they were complaining about – I had loads of room in the driver’s seat …

To see more photos of Ziggy, search for me in Flickr under the name of Jubaru.


One Response to “Flickr photo album”

  1. Bryony Says:

    I wondered what was going on there 😀 The power of women packing a car is greater than most can imagine…

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