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Flickr November 17, 2008

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Not sure about this one just yet.  I understand what it is about but I get the feeling that I don’t really get it – know what I mean???  I just didn’t know what to look for, so after alot of aimless wandering around Flickr, trying to work out what tilt shift photography is (see Bryony’s blog) and looking at all sorts of cool pictures (that frustrate me cos I can never get my photos to look cool) I chose a  photo of a mini cooper.

Nice bit of parking!

Nice bit of parking!

Cos he looks a bit like my Ziggy.  Watch the next post for photos of him.  :o))

See you all again soon x


3 Responses to “Flickr”

  1. Bryony Says:

    Did you find out about tilt shift photos yet? I love them 😀 My brother sent me a very long email about how to do it in real life with your camera, but you can pretend with Photoshop instead…

    Also mini=lovely 😀 Hurry up with the photos of Ziggy…

  2. jubaru Says:

    Mmm. I have had a shufty but I still don’t really get it. Is it real life looking like miniatures or is that a side-effect?

    I’d have trouble doing it with my camera seeing as the flaming thieves haven’t returned it yet! (Grumble, whinge, moan)

    I have enough trouble just taking a photo without cutting heads off without fancy trickery like this …

    Ziggy photos on their way :o))

  3. Bryony Says:

    Tilt shift is what you thought – making real photos look like miniatures. Dave figured out how to do it in Photoshop, but my brother sent me a massive email about how to do it with cameras. I didn’t understand a word of it 😀 When you get your camera back, you could do a mini mini 😀

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